All Orlando Heart Center Physicians are certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and by the subspecialty Board in Cardiovascular Diseases.






* Physicians fluent in Spanish

♦ Limited availability at this location



Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants work closely with assigned physicians. Their expertise allows us to serve our patients in a more timely fashion.

Nurse Practitioners
Tammy Ballant, ARNP-C Marsha Martin, ARNP-C
Haley Bush, ARNP-C Jodi Mayer, ARNP-C
Evelyn Garcia, ARNP-C William "Bill" Meadors, ARNP-C
Pamela Geisler, ARNP-C Erica Mueller, ARNP-C
Angela Hancock, ARNP-C Kelly Partain, ARNP-C
Cherie Jarolimek, ARNP-C Rouselle "Skip" Sutton II, ARNP-C
Melissa Leaberry, ARNP-C Kimonetia Thomas, ARNP-C
Ronald Jamie Lynch, ARNP-C Sara Warfel, ARNP-C


Physician Assistants

Laura Canning, PA-C Anthony Pacheco, PA-C
Walter Johnson III, PA-C Gail Tromp, PA-C
Alexis Linares, PA-C William Waite, PA-C
April Michelotti, PA-C  
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